Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Will my tickets be mailed?
A:  All tickets will be available via will call.  You can pick up your tickets beginning at 10am on the day of the event and throughout the day at Cross Timbers Winery located at 805 North Main St in Grapevine.  We will not be distributing any tickets prior to the day of the event.
Q:  Do I have to order my tickets online?
A:  Yes, all tickets will be sold on-line except if there are any tickets still remaining on the day of the wine trail you can purchase them at Cross Timbers Winery for $50 per ticket.  However, we generally have sold out on the Saturday wine trail in the past.
Q:  Do I have to be there at 10am to pick up my tickets?
A:  No, you can pick up your tickets at any time during the day and complete the wine trail at your own pace up until 5 pm. 
Q:  What do I need to pick up my tickets?
A:  Generally, we just need your name.  We will have a list of all the names of the people that purchased tickets.  You can bring your e-mail confirmation to help avoid any issues.  Also, if you pay with Paypal and the name on your Paypal account is different (ie business name, maiden name, etc.) your tickets will likely be under that name.
Q:  Do I have to go in a certain order or at a certain time to a winery?
A:  No, once you have your ticket and wine glass you can visit any winery on the trail between 11am and 5pm and you can go in any order as you please.  Some wineries do close for private events in the evening, hence the 5pm cutoff.
Q:  Is there transportation provided on the wine trail?
A:  No, since all of the wineries on this trail are in or adjacent to the historic downtown area you are responsible for your own transportation.  Most people, after picking up their tickets at Cross Timbers Winery, park their car in the historic downtown area and walk between wineries.
Q:  How do I get my wine glass?  Do I need to have my wine glass with me on the trail?
A:  You will receive your wine glass when you pick up your tickets.  At that time you will also receive your certificate good towards a bottle of wine at one of the participating wineries. Please take your wine glass with you to each winery for your tasting.  If you do not have your wine glass, you will likely receive your tasting in a plastic cup due to the large number of attendees for the wine trail.
Q:  How does the certificate work for the bottle of wine?
A:  Your certificate will be valid at one randomly selected winery.  The certificate will only be valid at the winery named on the certificate.  At that winery, you can redeem it towards a bottle of wine costing $15 or less.  If the bottle costs less, no change will be given.  You can also redeem it toward a more expensive bottle and pay the difference.  If you want your certificate for a different winery, you can try to find somebody to trade certificates with.

Q:  Tell me more about the food?
A:  Each winery will have a small serving of food that you can receive as part of your ticket.  Each winery is responsible for the food they choose to serve.  Please keep in mind, due the large number of trail participants and the large amount of food required, that it is difficult to accommodate special menus.  However, there a large number of great restaurants all along the wine trail.
Q:  What if I need to cancel?
A:  The trail will be held rain or shine.  However, if something comes up that will prevent you attending and you let us know by 5pm on Wednesday, February 5th, we can issue a refund.  Unfortunately, since we generally sell out early and turn people away, any cancellation requests after that we will not be able to issue any refunds.
Q:  What if I have additional questions?
A:  If you have a specific question, not addressed above, you can send an e-mail to .  That e-mail is checked every weekday, so any e-mails over the weekend will be answered on Monday